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Booking territory: EU/UK


'Dawns Mystery sets new tracks in Zurich combining 70s and 80s vibes with psychedelic pop.’ Music Feels Better Together

‘Almost like a journey through the galaxy.’ Rock Star Magazine

‘Live convinced the quartet by flowing manes and a lot of fuss. For all those who love the mix of rock and spherical sounds.’ Tsüri

DOG BOWL - New single (2019)

BEFORE LIFE AT THE SEA GROUND - Latest album (May 2019, Taxi Gauche)
















Before Life at the Sea Ground - album ar





“Tell you man, we have to get out of here” - the chorus of their new single 'Dog Bowl' starts that way and represents Dawns Mystery from Zurich. Their debut album 'Before Life At The Seaground' is the result of an explosive combination of their own psychedelic space-rock universe and producer Philippe Laffer's pop influences which lead us through a journey back in time, skillfully honoring the band’s role models from the 70s as well as the 90s.

“To return in peace, beyond the dust of time”, is the lyrical poetry sung by Flo Hauri in 'Africa'. The modern mix of experimental arrangements is part of the album's characteristics we only know from bands such as Tame Impala. The sound of Dawns Mystery screams for big stages. Aesthetic, dreamy songs like '1670' (“Don't you see, we can't feel the spinning around. We can't help it to see the past, to see the future, to watch the stars burn”) round off the work, time and effort they put in the record. Fantastic melodies, partly sung polyphonic, keep spinning in one's head for days. While listening to 'Before Life At The Seaground', one only wishes sunlight, a beach and maybe a space shuttle taking us along with their positive vibes to the galaxies of foreign stars far away.