5K HD (A)

5K HD - Sept19 - 1 - (c) Hanna Fasching.

Booking territory: CH/FR


"Crazy Talk” is a perfect piece of pop for those who enjoy being confronted by a left-field gaze." - The Line of Best Fit

"Typical of 5K HD, a dance of ambiguity where it is never quite sure what happens casually and what is clearly planned. That makes this group so outstanding, live, on the last record and now again on "In, Out"." -  Christoph Sepin, FM4

"The band is as versatile as musically quick-witted" -  Ö1/ORF

Justice - single released September 2020

Happy Fxxxing Live - single released June 2020

Crazy Talk - new single, released 23. August 2019 (fiveK Records/Ink Music)

10/15 - new single, released 21. June 2019 (fiveK Records/Ink Music)

HIGH PERFORMER - The new album, release on 6. September 2019 (Rough Trade/Ink Music)
























The release of 5K HD‘s debut album And To In A in 2017 catapulted the band almost immediately to supergroup status. Each of the members was already well known in his or her own right; united on stage they proved to be a force of nature, celebrated at pop festivals as an atmospheric experience and at jazz festivals as virtuosic innovators. Their freedom and risk-taking as a band are practically unparalleled, as is their ability to stay perfectly balanced on diverse, constantly shifting musical terrain. 5K HD sounds futuristic, fragile, epic, brutal, playful, threatening, cinematic, distorted, light and easy, dope, badass, sensitive. 5K HD is an engaging, euphorically unsettling experiment at the border between pop and high culture. And what’s more - though it often doesn’t sound that way - they manage it all without a laptop. The backgrounds and abilities of these five musicians are so deep and varied that they are literally capable of doing whatever they want; it’s one of those rare bands where the question of what kind of music they make is pointless.

5K HD began as something unplanned; And To In A came into existence in a wild, intensive storm of creativity, without a preplanned concept. The record is a musical compendium of things that are normally mutually exclusive, or rarely appear together. The band chooses its sounds, rhythms, and perspectives from a gigantic, multilayered, contradictory spectrum, fusing the components into a precise musical language all their own, familiar but unnamable. The voice and instruments are so completely repurposed that one quickly loses track of who is creating what sound. The traditional roles of their instruments are constantly being reshuffled: the bass might play what usually comes from the keyboards; the sequences of a piano composition are redistributed among the other instruments; an electronic sound is endowed with the structure of a madrigal.

Elements from minimal music, trap and opera are built into complex structures, then delivered as casually as jazz on heroin. Listeners without a musical background may not be able to put names to all the forms, references, and time signatures, but they are able to feel them very clearly indeed. The music often seems both alien and familiar, though it’s impossible to say why. Many have said they can hardly believe all of the sounds are being produced live on the stage, making 5K HD a band that also gets more interesting the closer you look.


After 1½ years of international touring, 5K HD is ready to present its next work: their second album, HIGH PERFORMER, will be released in autumn. This record wasn‘t created in the kind of creative eruption that birthed And To In A; the band took their time with this one. Time to focus more precisely on their vision, time to explore the possibilities, to take even more chances, to further expand their sonic palette, to hone the lines of the music and render it even more detailed and high-resolution, to seek melodies that seduce the ear more completely, while still remaining unpredictable. In short: they took time to explore more deeply the narrow zone between catchy pop and experimental music that defines the 5K HD universe.


It’s not without reason that they tagged themselves with that oddly chilly name, reminiscent of a fictive, outdated technology. 5K HD sees itself as both a part of a fast-paced industry and apart from it, a realm where the HIGH PERFORMER – a workaholic without the pathologies – is king; where every person, every action, every minute is a sacrifice to all-encompassing Economy. Their simultaneous criticism and identification are expressed in the symphonic exaltation of a trashy-sounding toy synthesizer, the brutal images and poetic reflections they purvey in their creepy, comical, melancholy, nimble manner.